Buying and selling IT equipment is subject to a complex array of rules, requirements, and laws. Areas which were previously viewed as a necessary evil are today clearly known to exist for everyone’s safety and security.

Since our very beginning, we have worked hard to not only comply with all requirements, but to be the trailblazers and set a standard for the entire industry.

Security above all else

The fact that we comply with all laws create a sense of security both internally and externally. Internally, everyone in Danoffice IT Green knows the parameters by which we operate. There are no unanswered questions, no grey areas.


Whether we are talking standards for sustainability, data security, or complex export regulations, you are safe and secure when your used IT equipment is either destroyed or sold on into the world. You know that you are protected every step of the way when working with us. There will be no unpleasant surprised along the way.

A safe organization

When you do business with Danoffice IT Green, you are doing business with an organization which includes edgemo and Danoffice IT, the latter being our mother company.

Danoffice IT is the world’s leading IT supplier for the world's laargest NGO’s & IGO's. For that very reason, we as a shared organization have an in-house compliance department where providing advice on export compliance and anti-corruption is considered a key skillset. This means that in our overall organization, we operate at a best-in-class standard as it relates to any requirement we need to meet.

Learn more

On the following pages, you can learn more about how we act pursuant to laws, policies, and the basic business terms and conditions in our work. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or comments about this.

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