Our position on corruption is simple and obvious; we do not accept any form of fraud or corruption. And we are determined to prevent, detect, and deter any form of it. It goes without saying that we have never been involved in, accused of, or convicted of any kind of fraud or corruption.

In Danoffice IT Green and Danoffice IT, we consider corruption to be a significant obstacle to economic and social development throughout the world. It has a negative impact on sustainable development and is the main reason for the perpetuation of poverty.

We define bribery as offering or receiving money, goods, or other forms of incentives from a business associate in exchange for a change in behavior - which the recipient would not otherwise have made - for the benefit or interest of the giving party.

As an underlining of our strong business practices and ethics, Danoffice IT has obtained ISO 37001:2016 in the fight against bribery. Together with Bureau Veritas, the process has been completed and the certificate obtained. Read more on Danoffice IT's website

Whistleblower hotline


If you are a business associate associated with Danoffice IT Green, and if you have knowledge or suspicion of fraud and corruption on the part of one of our employees or one of our associated business partners, we ask that you inform our management via our whistleblower hotline by writing directly to whistleblower@danofficeit.com.

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