Danoffice IT has had a global presence for more than two decades. In collaboration with our customers, we reach the farthest corners of the world where there is a dire need for help. We work to make a difference and with the holidays around the corner, it is time to put in a little extra effort. In that the holidays are a time for giving, we have created a donation holiday calendar which will run throughout the month of December. On four separate occasions, we will be using this calendar to make donations to the children of the world living in unrest and uncertainty both near and far.

We work closely with the world’s leading charitable organizations big and small. Several of these have declared goals of making a difference to children living in difficult conditions. Some stretch far and wide and help many, while others are local initiatives making a big difference in the small community which spreads like rings in the water. We have selected four different organizations which in their own way, and with their own goals, are fighting for the children, two small organizations and two larger ones with an equally large span. Each week leading up to Christmas, we will announce a donation and the recipient.

Together, We Can Shed Light

Each week, through our donation holiday calendar, you can help us by shedding light on these great initiatives that make a difference. We tell you about the goals and impact of the organizations and provide you with stories you can share in your organization and with others in your network and families.

Even though these donations are made to help with serious issues, there are also wonderful stories to share with others to be found. These are stories about people and groups of people who make a priceless difference in the lives of others. And what better time than the holiday season to spread stories like these amongst each other. We know that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but we would like to utilize the togetherness created by the holiday season to contribute and create a positive change.


December 1

Nafsi Africa

Nafsi Africa uses music and acrobatics to form and develop strong, self-aware children and young people in the slums of Kenya. There is also a new initiative revolving around media and content production for the young people to participate in. The Nafsi children have an excellent collaboration with the Danish public schools and often seek host families for their visits to Denmark.

December 8

To be revealed on December 8

It is all about the children

December 15

To be revealed on December 15

It is all about the children

December 22

To be revealed on December 22

It is all about the children

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