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One unified brand. One identity. In the Danoffice IT organization, we have been doing business as several brands under one roof due to several acquisitions. However as of January 8, 2024, we are combining our four brands Danoffice IT, edgemo, edgemo green, and Conecto under one unified name: Danoffice IT.

We are still all the same people, and we have even added a few more. Moreover, we still buy and sell your used IT equipment. Only now, our connection to Danoffice IT is a bit more clear. That said, the consolidation has some practical implications that are noteworthy when doing business with us. Learn more about those below.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the brand consolidation and the website, or if you have a good idea you want to share with us, you are always welcome to send us an email.

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Now, the Name is Danoffice IT

The name edgemo green (and before that, NPvision Group) is replaced by the name Danoffice IT. That also means that we will be using the Danoffice IT logo going forward.

In the Danish Business Register, we will continue to be listed as a subsidiary of Danoffice IT without changes to the VAT number. The VAT number will remain 32840647. However, the name associated with our VAT number is changed to Danoffice IT Green. That is also the name you will see on our contracts, invoices, and official documents going forward.

Our department within Danoffice IT has been nicknamed DO IT Green. That is what we do. We make everything a bit greener when we help to recycle and reuse old IT equipment.

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New Email Addresses: danofficeit.com

As part of the name change, we have all received new email addresses with the domain danofficeit.com. You can still write to us at our former email address, however, when you receive an email from us, it will be from the new email address. This change applies to our personal email addresses as well as the common email inboxes. You can aways contact us via doitgreen@danofficeit.com

We have not changed our onsite addresses or our direct phone numbers and you are always welcome to stop by for a visit.

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