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We are getting a new Warehouse Solutions Center. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the efficiency of our global logistics and business, we are now combining three of our Danish warehouses into one new and modern warehouse which will become a powerhouse in our global supply chain solutions.

Overall, we are moving from five to three warehouses and thus; we are creating brand new opportunities to increase productivity and add more value to our customers around the world. A content COO reports that more space and a centralization of our skills along with development of new and more services are on the horizon.

For more than two decades Danoffice IT has specialized in global commerce. We are not just IT specialists at this point as throughout the years, we have developed an in-depth insight into international commerce as well as a unique logistics and services platform. This is exactly where the new Warehouse Solutions Center will play a key role, COO of Danoffice IT, Jacob Steen Rasmussen says.

“During our acquisition journey, we have assumed several warehouses on an ongoing basis. Some of these are now being combined to make business simpler and less vulnerable in relation to demand for skillsets at various sites,” he says and continues: “The purpose is to consolidate and gather our strong skillsets, centralize them, and utilize them more efficiently. These are also far more modern facilities which is a key component in being able to continue to offer an appealing place to work for our warehouse and config employees in the future.”  

A global logistics and supply chain company

Jacob solidifies that it is not all about IT: “First and foremost, we are an IT company and we improve our skills in that arena every day. However, it is deeply ingrained in our DNA that we are a global logistics and supply chain company. Today, we are also a services company, and to a great extent at that, since we deliver fully prepared units to all parts of the world. All together, these are the key elements in our global business,” he says, and expands on that by adding that this is what has been the clear differentiator for us for many years. “It is clear that the opportunities that come with our new Warehouse Solutions Center will support the next level of our further development and in that, services will play a central role.”

New services – new opportunities

Being a supply chain company is about supporting the businesses of our customers. "In our new environment, we have included how to best support the customers at a whole new level. We plan to do so with new and more services. This way, the customer will need fewer collaboration partners since they can have it all in a simpler and more secure way through only one partner, i.e., us,” Jacob says.

The development of new services falls right in line with the current development at Danoffice IT. After acquiring edgemo and edgemo green, we have gathered one of strongest IT platforms for IT services. That creates a foundation for new benefits: “The services we develop require more room for our new modern config center, among other things. This will now be possible with more than 4,000 square meters of towering inventory. We will ensure that the customers’ products are shipped securely and expeditiously adding new available services and strategic opportunities with our buffer inventory,” Jacob says and continues: “This will apply whether it is a smaller global NGO or a large corporate customer. The products will be delivered, ready for use, with the services installed upon them.”

Better connection both locally and globally

When we optimize the capacity locally, it has an effect globally, Jacob says. “Our new facilities need to work with the ones we most recently developed in Singapore, for instance. Many IT products are manufactured in Asia, wherefore, we created a set-up like what we have in Singapore in order to optimize many parameters, one of which being sustainability. The strategy contains several sustainability aspects and thus, it works hand in hand with the CSR work we do in the company as a whole,” Jacob Steen Rasmussen, COO, Danoffice IT, concludes.

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