Sustainability and responsibility are key cornerstones in our DNA and every day, we make an effort in how we do business and act. Being the trailblazer for a green circular economy obviously entails that we also take initiatives ourselves that affect us internally as well as into the world. Read about some of them here.

  • One of our active sustainable efforts is using largely exclusively recycled materials for packaging of merchandise sent from our warehouse.

    We reuse cardboard boxes and fill materials, and we use EUR pallets which can be reused for several years.

  • Our external logistics partners ensure that every truck is utilized to the fullest freight load with the least possible distance between pick-ups. However, for customers who need special precautions for security, we do ensure direct transport.

    As part of Danoffice IT we use the CO2 neutral courier solution, DHL Express GoGreen.

  • Rather than using conventional light sources, we use energy-efficient LED lighting. Our PC's are laptops as they use less energy than a desktop computer. Rather than screensavers, our PC's are set to hibernate and thus; they use less power during inactive periods. 


  • In conjunction with ESG Manager and the company Rejoose, we offer CO2e and energy reports for your IT equipment. The reports can be generated for PC, screen, print, server, storage, and network providing the CO2e footprint for the entire lifecycle of the equipment. 


  • Each year together with Danoffice IT, we prepare a Communication on Progress report regarding how we work on sustainability, social responsibility, the UN Global Goals on sustainable development and Global Compact's 10 Principles. 

    Read our most recent COP report here. 

Certified sustainability

The strong values of sustainability and credibility as equals are the key elements in our DNA. This is deeply ingrained in us and we practice what we preach. This is why we follow the environmental management system based on several ISO standards.

When we work on destruction of used equipment, we cooperate with partners that are certified by the ISO 14001 standard. This serves as a gaurantee that partner's environmental management is adhered to. Furthermore, our partners are also certified at the ISO 45001 standard level. We have a declared goal of having 98 % of the IT equipment we bring in and assess be aimed at being reused. All other equipment with no resale value will be handled in accordance with ISO 14001. We work to ensure that our partners live up to all requirements for sorting of raw materials, etc. 

Danoffice IT Green & UN’s Global Goals

The resource mark made by the IT business has been heavy. Therefore, we at Danoffice IT Green are proud of being part of making a difference. Central to our DNA is adhering to UN’s Global Goals in our work. This is an element which has been amplified by becoming a part of Danoffice IT which in fact is a leading global IT supplier to IGO's and NGO's and which follows the highest CSR standards in the business.

Responsible comsumption and production

In 2015, UN implemented 17 Global Goals that have become the true foundational points of reference for going green. Global Goal #12 is named Responsible Consumption and Production and it directs the course for the sustainable development headed towards 2030. Naturally, this global goal is an element of our DNA and our business.   

One of the basic concepts is that we need to reduce our combined mark on nature in the way we produce and consume our merchandise and resources as quickly as possible. The result must be financial growth and sustainable development. These are two elements often seen as opposites yet in this context, they go hand-in-hand.

A central element to this global goal is a focus on how to dispose of toxic waste and limit pollutants. This focus is directed at both the individual consumer and the industry. The goal is awareness and action as it relates to recycling and reducing our overall amount of waste.  

Therefore, at Danoffice IT Green, we have a special assignment in ensuring that we contribute to helping companies to adopt this consciousness and becoming a part of a more green and circular economy by allowing us to retrieve and dispose of their used IT equipment in an environmentally safe manner all while adding a value to the business.

Global Goals create new awareness

  • CO2 emissions

    80 % of CO2 emissions are created through manufacturing. As such, every time a product is recycled and not discarded, the environment wins! Longer lifespans equal a smaller carbon footprint.

  • E-waste

    E-waste is increasing at a faster rate than any other waste issue because only 20 % of IT related equipment is recycled or reused. Even in Denmark, which is a trailblazer, only 50 % is collected and reused.

  • Revive your IT equipment

    Old or used equipment often disappear within the companies and end up in warehouses. It often stays there for so long that it loses all value. We are working to create awareness about the ability to give it new life and value, even early on.

Let us help you with your used it