We are all jointly responsible for our planet and each other. Since the early beginnings, we, as a company, have been mindful of our place and role, and through the years, we have created a strong CSR profile. The work we have put in has become a concept which provides a positive contribution to our customers in their CSR efforts.

CSR program 


Donate to others

We provide you with the opportunity to donate part of your profits from the sold equipment. The amount is forwarded by us safely and security to an initiative working with social responsibility. You choose the initiative you want to support or together, we can find you the perfect fit.   


Start a wave

Leading the way for everyone else can have a positive effect and encourage others to take action! When you do business with us, you can let your stakeholders know that you have a green and sustainable IT strategy. You will receive a sustainability icon which can be used on your digital platforms and in your marketing. The icon comes with a description and documentation. You will also receive a certificate which documents the specific CSR efforts made by selling your used IT equipment.

We all share the responsibility

It is a known fact that we are racing against the clock in many respects. For many years, the industrial society has manufactured and consumed without respect for climate and social impact. Can reselling used IT equipment solve this problem on its own? Most certainly not! However, manufacturing of IT equipment impacts the environment greatly and it also requires a substantial amount of workforce, often in parts of the world with different employment terms than we have. We can share the responsibility by making a difference and allowing our used IT equipment to become part of a circular process. All in a sustainable and meaningful manner with a larger social responsibility. With our CSR program, you can contribute to improving societal issues for the socially marginalized groups or to support the work on research and prevention of serious and life-threatening illnesses.

There is a need for our actions

  • Additional waste

    More than 300 mio. PC's and 1 billion phones are produced each year. Increased consumption creates more waste. The UN estimates that the annual electronic waste amounts to

    mio. tons
  • Too little is recycled

    In Europe, we are ahead in documented recycled IT equipment at 43%. However, globally, there is only documentation to verify

    recycled IT equipment
  • IT is toxic

    E-waste contains substances such as mercury, lead, arsenic, selenium, chromium, and flame retardants. Worldwide e-waste amounts to a total of

    of all toxic waste

Let us help you with your used it